'A pantoum to Fyerool Darma, written by Fyelol Dana', inkjet on paper, 21 × 29.7 cm, 2019
for Sunny, your smile ease the pain

This body mine,
lo body yours,
pull it apart lai -

Take these hands to adorn your walls,
This eyes as ornaments to your wreath,
This skin, when its melanin has oxidized,
pound it to pigments to coat your trophies.
This tongue has a taste for colloquies,
yet you think of it as a hellion body.

My heart is alive,
my mind it fattens,
despite the humidity you forecast,
Surya take my worries and woes,
protect me from the bhut of kala.

A pantoum to Fyerool Darma Written by Fyelol Dana
2 June, Gregorian 2019
For ‘Sunny, your smile ease the pain’
2019, Yeo Workshop; Singapore.

lo Indonesian you
lai Chinese to come
Surya brand of clove cigarettes from
Indonesia; from Sanskrit [sū́rya]
→ Malay [suria] the star around which the Earth revolves

bhut Hindi ghost
kala Malay synonym for time