Onsite sound recording of performance, 50 minute 51 seconds, 2019

A sound recording of a performative work that was created as a broadcast loop to After Ballads at NUS Museum. On one hand, it situates itself as a rendition. On the other, it is an address to the circuitous and polarising nature of the prep-room. It features “A Letter From An Insolent Son” (Fyerool Darma; 2018) and “Moon Over Malaya” (Jimmy Kennedy, John Turner; 1952), sung and performed by Adikara Batubara, Audrey Yeo, Amaryllis, Ananthapindika Dai, Denise Jillian Tan, Denise Yap, Fadhil Nasser, Joshua Lim, Kelvin Leong, Pamela Ng, Rifky Amirul and
Mohamad Alkatiri.

Record of the guide given to the players can be read below.

A guide for the players
b-sides: After Ballads_moon_above_malaya-2019

Sing to the artefacts, objects, elements and beings within
the exhibition space (here NUS Museum)

4 sets of singing the line:
"Moon above Malaya"
Each set comprises of:
5 vocal loops by participants
followed by
5 loops of singing in unison

Sung in the melody of Eve Boswell's version (1953) of the song.

5 of the 12 players to play as 'off-tuners', in which they may shout, scream or sing in off tune or with less gusto.

To sing simultaneously with a mix of songs (compiled, remixed and re-arranged by karat) and a live reading (“A Letter From An Insolent Son” (Fyerool Darma; 2018) is being played through the museum's P. A. speakers.

Simultaneously, players to:
Video record their viewpoint throughout the performance.Players may upload on their social media at any moment of the performance.

Players may be in any gestures and poses throughout the duration of the performance.

Audiences may video record the performance and upload them in their social medias.

Written by Fyerool Darma, 2019.
For the occasion of b-sides: After Ballads, 2019