︎         ︎         ︎         ︎         ︎         ︎         
boundless oceans and vast skies,
I swirl afar with a chilled heart,
chasing the wind and rain
(I was)
Unable to find traces in the mist...

Forgive me for being unruly or untamed,
for I love the freedom all my life.
I fear I would wither someday
(Now - We)
Abandon the ideal (For a life of ease)
For this isle (it) kept my mourn –
I am tired for love.

written by Si Anu or Shama Bird
(presumably in 1980s)
Beyond... boundless oceans and the vast skies
collaboration between Matthew Teo, Fyerool Darma and I_S_L_A_N_D_S, 2017, inkjet on polysynthetic paper with cotton, folded plastic flower courtesy of Hjh Jamilah Abu Bakar aka Hawa Bee approximately 250 x 300 cm