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boundless oceans and vast skies,
I swirl afar with a chilled heart,
chasing the wind and rain
(I was)
Unable to find traces in the mist...

Forgive me for being unruly or untamed,
for I love the freedom all my life.
I fear I would wither someday
(Now - We)
Abandon the ideal (For a life of ease)
For this isle (it) kept my mourn –
I am tired for love.

written by Si Anu or Shama Bird
(presumably in 1980s)

Beyond... boundless oceans and the vast skies featuring Matthew Teo
inkjet on polysynthetic paper with cotton, folded plastic flower courtesy of Hjh Jamilah Abu Bakar aka Hawa Bee approximately 250 x 300 cm, 2018