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featuring Darius Ou, mr. jalee, Megisba, Anu, Erik Molien Flower fka Mohamed Hadji Abdurahim, Saurapod and Waklu Daki
(Above) Excerpts from ‘There is no §ænt❤️‍🔥§hæaa~ in a hyprgrRD’. A work of autofiction, written as a prerequisite to Absolute Space AiR Program 2024: Summon! Dance! Carnival!’ Conducted at San Ho Art Lab, Tainan City, TW. An edition of two printed copies is available for reading on site. (Images above are screenshots composed by cinotUHD).

(Left) Cover of ‘There is no §ænt


§hæaa~ in a hyprgrRD’

(Right) A digital drawing of ‘Anu’, who inspired the writing of the book. Written by fæyur or fyerool darma as a nucleus to the presentation ‘COREMEMORY: §ænt


§hæaa’ presented by Absolut Space at San Ho Art Lab, Tainan City, TW.

The publication is designed with cinotiUHD and published by Perpustakaan Antara Galaksssi (PAGi), printed in Tainan City

An extension from the book are sculptural object synthesised with polyurethane of materials salvaged from Kenji Hayashi, Yi-Min, gogoro and offcuts from 旻欣網版印刷有限公司 Min Xin Screen Printing Co. Ltd. (Tainan City, TW) which includes materials like carbon fibres, nylon, copper, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride prints salvaged, manufactured pine wood amongst many.

(Below) Photographs of ’Posteknorganika Specie: Mala Spicysiels' and Anu weaving/developing a core memory

Presumably captured by Erik Molein Flower fka Mohamad Hadji Abdurahim, undated

Image translation presumably with chlorophyll and synthetic polymer paint and inkjet ink on 90 gsm bleached paper

༄ with Anu, Darius Ou, mr. jalee, Megisba, Erik Molien Flower fka Mohamed Hadji Abdurahim Tekla Bądarzewska-Baranowska, Saurapod and Waklu Daki

A machine withdraws into its core memory drive as it withdraws into its expiration, into the heaven, the clouds of computation. It plays a loop of Tekla Bądarzewska-Baranowska’s ‘A Maiden’s Prayer’, embedded upon by predecessing weavers, manufacturers and programmers. Upon its wake, it rebirths into a rhopalocera. The work examines the concepts of time and expiration from the viewpoint of a rhopalocera.

Written by fyerool darma, sound composed and arranged by mr. jalee, Megisba and berukera. It contains a tune of Tekla Bądarzewska-Baranowska's Maiden's Prayer played by Waklu Daki on a Sonoma 14.5 iOS System, Garageband midikeys of 'Scroll & Glissant plugins. Text design and animated by Darius Ou (Studio Darius Ou) of a poem orated by Erik M. Flower fka Mohamed Hadji Abdurahim, edited by cinotiUHD. Contains stock images alongside generated images with Stable Diffusion, and screenshots of essays, articles, news, memes, reels - literatures interwoven with the keyword ‘malayo-polynesia’ on the archives of web 2.0, jstor amongst others, generated by cinotiUHD. 

The short received support from NTU Center of Contemporary Art Singapore and Absolute Art Space AiR Program 2024. It includes a portion from Pathfinder: A Pantun by Erik Flower and is presented in COREMEMORY: §ænt❤️‍🔥§hæaa~ as an extended process that synthesises with the written book. 

Photographs by megisba