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(6273726432 – g’deh sky berry ❤ with view of Ghertie)
featuring Jac Hartje, Lee Khee San, @budyoung and Lé Luhur

Plexiglass (Tiger), hot sauce (Samyang), archival ink (MOLOTOW), Xylene marker (Dykem Dalo), polyvinyl chloride and polyacrylate adhesive – salvaged and artist vinyl (ORACAL 651) from Dja Dja Wurrung Country and Singapore, chameleon carbon fibre polyvinyl chloride and polyacrylate adhesive (VViviD XPO) with anodised aluminium alloy, fabric with polyethylene and rubber adhesive (Duck Tape), nonmetallised micro-prismatic reflective tape with resin (Steve & Lief), polypropylene film (Hunter) and salvaged cables and cords on wall installation dimensions variable. 

Installation view of the work, included in Collecting Debts and Other Bad Moods curated by Bala Starr 

Photo: Leon Schoots, Courtesy of La Trobe Institute of Art