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l♥ndsc_₱€$s (poienxcinoti) featuring rawanxberdenyut, Aleezon, Lee Khee San,
Lé Luhur from NUS Museum's South and Southeast Asia Collection
and Autaspace, CC1, Dahlia, Alawiyah and 风), 2023

Polymethyl metacrylate (Plexiglas Tiger), epoxy resin (Samurai 2K) on synthetic polymer paint (Golden), chameleon carbon fiber polyvinyl chloride and polyacrylate adhesive (Vvivid XPO) on anodized aluminum alloy, honeycomb retroreflective tape (GripOn), non metalized reflective tape (Steve & Leif) on polyvinyl chloride on wood on polymethl metacrylate, varied textiles salvaged and woven with polyester thread, xylene on polyvinyl chloride. 413 × 1730 cm.

The work was commissioned by the 12th Seoul Mediacity Biennale and
National Arts Council Singapore. Courtesy of the artist.
Above is an installation view of the 12th Seoul Mediacity Biennale THIS TOO, IS A MAP, Seoul Museum of Art, September 21-November 19 2023. Curated by Rachael Rakes and Sofía Dourron.

Photo: GLIMWORKERS. Courtesy of the Seoul Museum of Art