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Mati kita bersatu lagi (In death we meet again)

“...Ten years after young Sitor Situmorang translated a poem by Multatuli that triggered his nationalism and interest in literature, his first poem “Kaliurang (Tengah Hari)” was written. The title of Fyerool’s work takes reference from the last stanza in Sitor’s poem: ‘Mati, kita bersatu lagi’ (In death, we meet again) is set as an equiry rather than a stance.

The work is an exercise in translating textual and archival evidences that Fyerool confronted and deliberated from distances lie the internet and in-real-time (his experiences and the anxieties he confronted and embraced during his time in Kaliurang)...”

“...An old tennisbaan – a colonial vacation site, is used for his installation. Tennis net becomes a vitrine for the assembly of items he received or acquired from converstions he had with the locals, tourists, and his deliberations from the walks he conducted.

At night, phantom of the tennisbaan that was long abandoned was once again visible to naked eyes through its phantasm glow.

At the same site, the artist found a name of a Dutch- Indonesian poet who used to live in Kaliurang, G. J. van Resink. One of his poetry ‘Soeling Kali-Oerang’ carries the same nuance with that of Sitor’s and Multatuli’; suggestig that maybe, death is the final vacation.”

LIR (Mira Asriningtyas & Dito Yuwono), Curatorial Director, 900mdpl: Ghosts of a Thousand Conversations, Kaliurang, Jogjakarta, IDN, 2019


1 in death we meet again
  in death we meet again
  we confront
  in death we unite

  unite... in death we meet again

2. a high flute whistling just for the moon
   that is from the east
   a region far from here, far from here, far from here

1. we return to confront
  in the dead silence
  across the valley of death
  your lips whispers again

3. if my dear refuses
  to be present
  angels will descend
  with glittery wings –
  my body it surrender here

3. stay for I willl return
   when evening comes
   in the evening wind I depart to a state;
   where the fog does not blind me to a state;
   where the fog does not blind me

The sound work, ‘Mati kita bersatu lagi’ contains selected stanzas from poems below.

Re-written and composed by Fyelol Dana and karat, 2019, Kaliurang

1 Sitor Situmorang, ‘Kaliurang (Tengah Hari)’, 1948

2 G. J. van Resink, ‘Soeling op Kali-oerang’, 1941

3 Multatuli, ‘Lihatlah Bajing’ (From Max Havelaar), 1860

4 A remade of the sound work contains mandarin translationsand performed by Wanglianc11; Mati kita (remix by Fyerool Darma) 2020

Penak (daytaim) with $urya, Rimba and cenderawa$ey
4 minutes 56 seconds, sound, arranged and programmed by karat and berukera, drums by Rimba and vocal support by cenderawa$ey, 2019