prep-room After Ballads
NX2 Gallery, NUS Museum
6 October 2017 - 23 February 2019

Conceived as a dialogue to Radio Malaya: Abridged Conversations about Art, After Ballads is an ongoing prep-room project at NUS Museum. The prep-room project weaves text, objects and artefactual materials from the museum’s collection together, in an effort to address the spectres that continue to haunt and shape contemporary consciousness. The prep-room is part of Fyerool’s current exploration of the intersection of history, language and literature through the utilisation and distortion of institutional archives, employing a unique visual vocabulary that continues to evolve with his practice.

The prep-room is envisioned as a site for the exploration of curatorial methods and the development of content scopes in the lead up to various upcoming projects. Sited in a gallery in a Museum, it is open to the public and allows audiences to observe the exhibition-making process, engage with the subject matter presented, and begin a sustained interest in the development of the project. Its primary tools of deployment are archival materials, with artworks and artefacts interspersed at various times as a facilitator rather than a focus.